The current mail storage in GMail is 5GB (and counting), comparing to early this year it was only 2.8Gb (February 2007). If the pace of the increment grow steadily, we’ll be expecting a 10Gb mail storage in the next 2 or 3 years time or Google might probably go unlimited storage like Yahoo!. 
Yahoo! Mail started off exactly 10 years ago offering 4Mb for each free mail account, today they are already going unlimited mail storage. That is really a bar very hard to match for its competitors. Other free mail providersHotmail / Windows Live Mail on the other hand is giving 5Gb free mail storage, while Lycos Mail is throwing in 3Gb. Here’s something interesting about Lycos mail – unlimited attachment size.Here’s a brief run down on these four major free mail provider’s mail storage capacity as well as attachment limit. Please correct me on the figures if I’m wrong. 

  • GMail : 5Gb / 20Mb attachment size
  • Yahoo! Mail: Unlimited / 10Mb attachment size
  • Hotmail : 5Gb / 10Mb attachment size
  • Lycos Mail : 3Gb / Unlimited attachment size